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Queen Divas Body Sculpting Policies and Regulations


Everyone must pay the $50 Deposit to make an appointment. The $30 will be deducted off your balance. If you do not show or call, you will lose the $50 deposit.


Cancellations: Queen Divas Body Sculpting adheres to a strict Cancellation Policy. You will be charged $30 for same day cancellations. You must fill out the credit card / debit card information at the bottom of this document. If you do not leave your card information, we cannot take you as a client. Time is everything and it is not fair if you cancel at the last minute where someone else could have taken your time. Clients who miss their appointments, or do not cancel appointments at least 24 hours before, will lose their deposit. Please remember when you book an appointment, that is your time slot and your time slot only. I appreciate the fact that your moving towards your body goal journey and I applaud you, but we must be courteous to everyone. I will not double book appointments no matter what the situation is. I will always be here for you, but I cannot and will not go over another client’s time slot. There are a few time slots in the working day, each appointment is very important and precious. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.


Lateness: If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, I will only give you the amount of time left in the session. So, if your session is

an hour and you get to the office 10 minute late you will only have 50 minutes left. If you come later than 10 minutes for your appointment you will forfeit your Groupon Voucher or the clients that purchased directly at the office, on the website or over the phone forfeit their $30 Deposit. If you purchased through Groupon that means If you had 1 session already you will lose the other 2 OR pay a $30 Deposit fee and reschedule your appointment for another day. I will not wait for clients that come over 10 minutes late for their session. It is not fair to me or other clients that have

paid for their services to. I appreciate you All, but I need clients to appreciate time, other fellow clients, and your provider. Again, if your later than 10 minutes you will be rescheduled for those who paid directly with QDBS. Groupon clients you can pay a $30 reinstatement fee but will still be rescheduled. There’s no Exceptions.


Refunds: There are no refunds with!!! If you purchase services and you are not happy, I apologize but my time and efforts are important. When

you pay for a service I always go above and beyond for what you paid for, so your services will not add up to the amount of services you've paid for

over the amount of the work I’ve done. 

Packages & Deals Purchased: If you purchase any package or deal and do not use it within 90 days of purchase the packages will be considered

Null & Void. The services are to be used by a certain time. If you wait more than the 90-day window the packages and Deals will be no longer for use.


Reviews: I need all my Dolls to leave reviews on Google, and / or Yelp. It helps for other Patrons to decide on purchasing services with QDBS. You can do it in the office, so you won’t forget or do it on your time it is extremely up to you. I am Humbly Appreciative to you all!!!! If there is something you did not or do not like I rather we discuss it first before you leave a review on something, I was not aware of. We must come together to resolve the situation.


Bonuses:  To all my Dolls & Gents. If you Refer 2 People to QDBS You will receive a Free service of your choice! The people you refer must

commit and Purchase Service / Services to get this Bonus


Thank you,


Queen Divas Body Sculpting

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