Frequently Asked Questions

As of January 1st, 2021, we have implemented New Guidelines, If you book your appointment on Tuesday thru Saturday and you cannot make it, We will charge you a $30 booking fee for your appointment, Once you schedule an appointment that time slot is specific for you, as per company policy, the client must notify us 24 hours in advance before your appointment to avoid the fee.

  1. Are you open 7 days a week? No we are closed Sunday and Monday. Opened Tuesday to Saturday. Friday is our late day. We closed by a certain time in the day. If your appointment goes over the business hour times we charge $25 an hour. 

  2. Do I need to pay a deposit to book a service? Yes you do. Everyone must pay a deposit to book a service with us. Once you pay the deposit it is added onto your service and once you come in you just pay the balance minus the deposit. The deposit can be done on the website or over the phone.

  3. How much is the deposit? The deposit is $30. You can pay the deposit on the website or over the phone

  4. Can you pay your deposit over the phone ? Yes you can. You can speak to a QDBS staff member, give them your information ready with your credit card or debit card to set up your appointment.

  5. Can I just pop up to the office? We prefer you not to just pop up on us because we go by appointment only and it is not fair to stop a clients service because you just pop up. We prefer you to call us and if you need to see us set up a consultation on the website and we will see you soon.

  6. Do I have to make an appointment? Yes you do. We do not take walk ins. We like order and organization so Yes everyone looking to have a service completed must have or make an appointment.

  7. Can I do same day appointment? The answer is No. Appointments are already set for each day we are opened. We maybe able to take you in the same day if we are not busy but that is not a guarantee. If you need to get in you should book on the website ASAP.

  8. If I purchase a Groupon Deal, How do I book? You must call us to book your appointment. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN APPOINTMENT on the website because you will be charged. Speak with someone and we will set up the appointment for you.

  9. What happens when I come for my appointment? You would sign in and then the staff will give you paper work to fill out. Once your done you are taken in the room to be serviced. Also have realistic expectations when you come to get your services done. A lot of women build up this miracle thinking that they will have a flat stomach in 1 session and that is not true. The services are Non-Invasive, it is session based so to achieve results you have to follow the course which is all sessions needed to get good to great results. We are Estheticians not magicians. 

  10. What should I wear when I come to do my service? When you come for your service you should be wear comfortable clothing. Which is sweatpants, joggers, dresses, or leggings. NO JEANS!

  11. Can I customize my packages for services?  Yes you can. No matter what service you pick we can put a package together. If you need 2 - 3 services at a time we can customize that to. 

  12. Can I share a package for services with someone else? No you cannot. All packages are for the person purchased. You will not get the full results trying to split a package.

  13. What forms of payment do you take? Queen Divas Body Sculpting Inc takes cash, credit and debit cards, Money Orders, and PayPal Credit.

  14. Do you take Care Credit?  No we do not. We do Take PayPal Credit. How it works is We will send you an invoice then you can pay apply for buy now pay later with PayPal Credit.

  15. Do you do payment plans? No we do not, Sorry.

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