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Partner with Queen Divas Body Sculpting

Partnering with Queen Divas Body Sculpting Inc opens up an extraordinary opportunity in the medical spa industry. As a partner, you will have the independence to run your own business while benefiting from our established expertise. We are seeking individuals with exceptional skills in customer service, a strong sense of loyalty, and the determination to succeed in the body sculpting industry. We are looking for passionate individuals who are committed to delivering exceptional results to all clients, regardless of the service size or customized packages. Share your expertise and unique offerings with us. Your potential clients are genuinely interested in learning more about you, so don't hesitate to share personal anecdotes to create a more amicable connection. Every partnership has a story, and we want to you. This space provides an excellent opportunity to share any personal details you wish to communicate. We will do a Full Background Check, 2 years of Income Taxes and we will need to see documentation to confirm revenue.


Starter Package

1 - 5 in 1 Ultrasound Cavitation

1 - 14 paddle Laser Lipo Machine

1-  SShape Machine

1-  EMS Machine - Electrical Muscle stimulation

1-  Red light Therapy Lamps

1 - Sauna Blanket

1 - 5 litre Ultrasound Gel

3- Spectra Electrode Gel for EMS machine

1- Slimming Cream

1-  Firming Cream

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